Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Conjure One kind of run

I didn't have much time today, but it's the only time I have to run a trail this week. So a quick jaunt up Dry Creek Canyon it was. I was craving some trail time and, really, it was my soul that needed a good run through the forest more than my legs. 
Ran two miles up, sat on a rock on top of a hill for a bit, then practiced my "flying" down the hill. Really though, just one little tip from Lindsay (lean forward) has changed my relationship with downhills forever. They are seriously amazingly fun now! 

My good ol' trail
I love being so close to mountains. Lucky girl!
A blurry pic of my hitch hiker ladybug friend. He was orange and black. A Halloween ladybug!
My rock!  Thanks for the seat, bud!
Mileage: 3.84
Time: 56.53
Pace: 14'48"