Sunday, October 27, 2013

My walk of shame

The plan: run down from the top of Emigration Canyon, hop on the trail by the zoo and head north on Shorline Trail to City Creek Canyon. Seven miles down the canyon and then ten across. A great fun way to up my mileage, right!?!
Tehra and I concocted this plan a while back. It was one of those, "you know you're a runner when..." moments when we both got SO excited about the possobility of this run!
We have our first TRAIL half next weekend so we figured what a great last training run before "taper week." (Taper, shmaper!)
What actually happened: I'm a lover of downhill, so when by mile 4 of the canyon I just still wasn't feeling it, I knew something was off. Running down Emigration Canyon is one of my favorite runs. I usually do it on cruise control, but this morning it just wasn't clicking. 
By the time we got to the trailhead I was about to tell Tehra I was calling it. But decided to buck up and keep going. There's a bit of a climb up to the trail, and my legs felt like they'd already done 7 miles incline instead of decline. I knew that after this initial hike up, I'd still have another good two miles up after we got to Dry Creek Canyon. My will was disappearing, but I pushed on. 
Then I noticed my hands... So swollen my ring was actually hurting a bit. And that's when I called it. I still had a good, hearty ten miles left and my brain just couldn't wrap itself around how it was going to make my body do it. 
I'm not sure what if anything is going on with my body... Probably nothing, but  I'm glad I have a running buddy who's totally cool with me screwing our amazing run. 
We hiked back down to the trail head and then down to Tehra's house. Now that I'm home I still just feel off. Slightly dizzy and more fatigued than when I ran my half. As much as I wanted to tuff it out, I guess my body had other plans. Lesson learned or did I just start a bad habit?

At the top of Emigration with the sun just peaking over the mountain. 
I know it's probably pollution, but the pretty pinks and blues make me happy. 
At the turn around. Aka. The start of the walk of shame. 
I can usually slide my ring off and on VERY easily. Here it looks like a fat lady in a corset.  
At least the scenery down was good. 
Mileage: 9.97 (that .03 will haunt me forever!)
Time: 2:49
Pace: 16'57"

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