Friday, October 11, 2013

Sick of it!

This was my view a lot of this week. 
(My legs up on the couch under a blanket!)

I woke up Monday morning with that painful lump in the back of my throat. I'd already planned to run that morning and the voices saying, "it's above the neck, run through it!" kept playing in my head. 

I decided to give my throat a bit of a break and just did a quick 3 on the treadmill since it was cold outside and I had to co-op at my girly's school that afternoon. 

Ran 3, no problem... But by the end of the night I was feeling the problem. I'm all for running through pain when it's smart, but I think what my body was crying for was REST and when I didn't give it that, it flipped the freak out... (Don't mind the momma cuss words!)

So after attempting to "slow down" on Tuesday.... Failed... I officially took two sick days. (It helped that my little guy had a fever and was all about snuggling!) 

And now I'm aching for a run... 

Did I mention these were delivered Tuesday... Just in time to taunt me!

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  1. You've got *plenty* of time for your spikes, my dear! Get well soon!