Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Zen Run... Sort of.

Today was my first run since my race this weekend. I decided since I'd focused and stuck to my training schedule (well, mostly!) today would be a adventure/zen run. I still had to set my Nike+ because I'm so not that person that can run without knowing how far I've gone. 

I headed up to a trail that starts at the Natural History Museum.  I remembered my friend took me on a hike before I started running trails that went up above Red Butte instead of in front like Shoreline. I haven't been on the trail since and wanted to check it out. (After the run I texted my friend and found out it's called Skyline Trail.) 

The trail started with a couple switchbacks and then a straight incline right along the southern fence of the garden. I decided that I didn't care how much I ran vs walked, I was just out enjoying myself. I was feeling pretty glad about that resolution when I hit that hill! (Have I mentioned I HATE hills!)
My hike/run up was pretty uneventful. The trail was really rocky so it was a very slow go.  
I got to a little lookout where my friend and I had stopped with the kids for a snack. Behind us was a decent sized foothill that was just daring me to hike up. So I did. 
And took these awesome view pics...
That dark spot at the end of the trail is the lookout. 
After I snapped this pic I turned to my left and noticed a friend. A lonely (I hope) coyote noticed me noticing him and quickly change directions. That's when I threw my mace in my hand and took off down the hill. When I got down I figured I head back towards the more populated part of the trail instead of wandering farther in (and possibly becoming a tasty meal!)
Can you see my little friend?

I back tracked all the way back till the trail forked. Right: back to my car. Left: more trail and adventure. I had plenty of time, so left it was. 

I got less than a quarter in and noticed the strangest looking old bicycle tire laying in the trail... Only it wasn't an old tire at all...  Hello Mr. rattlesnake!

It was the first one I've ever seen and I'm  pretty sure I've never turned and run that fast. 

So needless to say, no pic of that guy. Sorry folks...

I took my TWO visitors as a sign that maybe 2 miles was enough for me today and ran back to my car. 

Maybe next time I want an adventure/zen run I should be a bit more specific; tad bit less adventure, more zen. 

Miles: 2.14
Time: 43:38
Pace: 20'22"


  1. Lol I love the wildlife, but agree that sometimes it's a bit too much adventure!

  2. CRAZY! I can not believe you got a photo of a coyote!