Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This one's serious, guys...

Just so you know how SERIOUSLY I take my running, I wanted to share my run from yesterday with my rockstar running bud, Tehra...

Our first half marathon is this Saturday (more on that later) which means not much running this week.  Three miles has become my quick, bare minimum run and according to Hal Higdon's training schedule, three was the longest run I should do this week.

Anyone that knows me, knows as soon as I'm told not to do something, it's exactly what I really need to do.  And as a runner that LOVES trails and has been limited to roads over the summer (due to the kiddos) this week has been especially hard not to bust a move on a long trail. 

Tehra and I had plans to run while the kids were in preschool and I purposely didn't bring my hydration pack so we could NOT sneak up to a long trail!  We settled on two laps around Liberty Park (3 miles) and then we'd drive over to the running store to grab some last minute supplies for the race. 

So we take off, chatting as we go, and when we get to the corner of the park, we realize, "Hey, the store's just down the road... Let's just run it.  Two birds, one stone... right!"

PERFECT!  Great run to about a block away from the store.... I'm thinking about my list of what I need... Cliff Shot Blocks, Stinger Waffle and maybe a tube of Nuun.... anything else? Nope...

Thinking, "This is so awesome!  I love being able to just RUN down to the store.  Free and clear... No stuff, no car... just me and my ipod..."

Wait...Free and clear.... I didn't bring my pack, which usually holds my stuff; keys, id, debit card... you know, just in case.  In case I run to a store last minute!

DAMN!  Back to the park.....
Miles: 2.34
Time: 26:31
Ave Pace: 11'18"