Friday, September 13, 2013

The Compromise

What do you get when you cross two two trail running momma's, an extra thirty minutes of preschool, one of the first beautiful days of fall and a training schedule that says not to run long runs this week?  A compromise, that's what... a compromise.
I woke up to a beautiful over cast sky with a slight breeze and occasional sprinkles.  The boy's preschool was going on a field trip and would be back late = extra momma time! The trail was calling, no YELLING my name and there was no way I wasn't heading up.  But there's that whole, "you have your first half marathon in two days... don't over train" thing. A hike up and run down wouldn't break the deal, right?
We headed up to the Dry Creek section of the Shoreline Trail... My favorite! We got hit by a pretty good down pour as we walked up to the trail and as we got going I realized the trail was muddier than I'd expected.  I fall just fine on my own without mud and the Murphy law of my lingering first half.  I decided not to tempt the "ha-ha" (imagine Nelson from The Simpsons) gods anymore than needed, and my quick cheater run turned into a long hike. 
I've run this trail countless times, but haven't hiked it in a while.  It was nice to slow down and see what I miss at a faster pace.
So, sit back and enjoy my hiking vacation slide show... drinks anyone?

The mountain line in the rain... GORGEOUS!

 I love me some acorns.

We met this guy on our way down. Pretty cool looking.

FALL LEAVES!!!  yippee!

Some of the mud... I totally would have bit it....

This view never gets old.

 Happy mommas!