Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why Not? (Emigration to home)

I haven't done a long run since my half. So when it worked out with everyone's schedule for me to sneak one in this morning at 6 am, I took it.
Tehra picked me up at 5:45am. We met up with a new running buddy, Renee at The Shoreline trailhead at This is the Place. It's a crazy coincidence that I even know Renee, but I'm glad I do. 
We took off running towards City Creek in the dark. It's ridiculous, I know, but I was super excited to get to run with my head lamp... And FYI, my headlamp sucks and is super dim.  Noted...

We got to Dry Creek just as the sun was coming up and it looked amazing. My picture doesn't do it justice. 

I felt really sluggish today and couldn't pick up my pace. I've played the mental "you suck" games before and they've almost made me quit running, so I try my hardest to stay in my own zen and only worry about MY best, in the right here right now kind of way. So I kept chugging along, knowing that the only option I had was to finish my run (I was planning to run home from the trail.) or double up my miles and go back with the others. (They were doing an out and back.) Time to suck it up, buttercup!

I got to City Creek and said bye to the other ladies... And apparently "hello" to a large group of people congregated around a guy giving a speech... Don't mind the sweaty, red faced, heavy breather running through your speech....

The last three miles down Capitol Hill weren't bad, but they were WAY steeper than I'd thought they'd  be. I was actually relieved when things leveled off a bit. 
I almost got to my house and realized if I ran straight there, I'd finish at 12.5...  That wasn't happening. So I rounded out my 13 with a lap around the block. 

My OCD is happy now. 

This patch of sunflowers came at about 9.5 miles. I needed some happy sunflowers right then!

See that road... That's where I was headed. 

The Capitol

Miles: 13.0
Time: 3:03:09
Pace: 14'04"


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    1. Yeah, blogger must help them out bc that top one does NOT look like that on my camera roll. It's way darker.