Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Electric Run

It occurred to me today that I never reported on The Electric Run... So here goes. 

Over all, it was a fun 5k. Kids 8&under are free so I brought along my cute girly and let her bring a friend. I volunteered for packet pick up the day before so I got free admission as well. Nice, huh! 

It was actually a pretty long and slightly frustrating night. They held the race at Thanksgiving Point which is a HUGE venue. My biggest complaint was there were NO signs saying where to park, so we literally parked as far away from the start/finish line as possible. (And we totally thought we had rock star parking when we parked!) They were also filming for the new Bachelor there that night which meant LOTS of barricades and people yelling, "you can't go that way!" while we were searching for the starting line. Thirty minutes later we finally found the massive line of people waiting to start and waited...  

The race itself was pretty cool. The girls enjoyed it besides the fact that it'd taken us so long to start that it was now 9 pm and they were both starving... Those darn kids and their need to be fed...

The finish "celebration" would have been really fun if I were about 10 years younger and didn't have two 8 year olds in tow. We pretty much by-passed it and made the loooooooooong trek back to the car. 

In the end, I'm really glad this was a free gig for me. I'd be a tad annoyed if I'd shelled out almost $70 for it. I'll put it on the list for next year if the kids want to do it again... as long as I sign up early and get the good rates!

The massive hoard waiting to start

Its hard to see but I LOVE Indy's face in this one. So full of wonder...
The girls running to the finish line... Probably the fastest I saw them go. They had fun, but were ready to be done. I'd promises them snacks from 7/11!

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